Toro and Friends is a match-3 puzzle game bursting on your phone with juicy fruit puzzles! Match 3 or more of the same fruits to pick them. Each puzzle is unique and there are many explosive boosters that blow the fruit away.

Every level you complete will earn you stars that you need to complete tasks and progress the immersive story. Meet eccentric characters with out of this world personalities. Teach the words and have hilarious conversations! Who knows, maybe they'll teach you something new!




One day, you receive a ticket for the famous "Amatsu-Sora Onsen Bus Tour". A mountain town by the sea blanketed in nature and bursting with delicious fruit. However, when you get there, you see the once glorious Onsen Town is no longer a lively place. The brightness and colour had all but gone. Shortly after, you run into Toro, the white cat still yearning to be a human and his new friend Sora, the cute feline face of Amatsu-Sora. Together, they ask you to help restore beauty and the happiness that once danced around streets and alleys.
You can help Toro and Sora restore the town by picking fruits in the exciting match-3 puzzles. It's effortless too, just match 3 or more of the same juicy fruits. Every successful level earns stars needed to complete quests and re-open the aged stores of Amatsu-Sora.

Each puzzle has its own requirements, and when those conditions are met, you WIN! But be careful, there are a limited number of moves, and once you run out, it's GAME OVER! Luckily, you can create powerful boosters to help you pick more fruits faster.
Nobody knows what happened to the once bright and energetic town to become so still and lonely. What we do know, is they're in desperate need of help of rescue to re-open their doors to tourists again. The more of the town you revive, the more tourists will grow, and the happier the locals become. So remember, to complete as many puzzles as possible to bring the laughter and color back to Amatsu-Sora.
Toro has been dreaming of becoming a human since he was a little kitten. He is so curious and wants to know everything. While you take a break from picking all that fruit, take a moment to teach him and have lots of funny conversations. Everything you teach Toro, he will use to pass the time with his friends and greet visiting tourists. The fun doesn't stop with just Toro, you can train and play with all of your Pokepi friends.